The Plight of Orlion

Into Hell's Mouth

Session 3

The Party has awoken in the Khiggrim tavern to a wayward Elf and his Vampire companion, Icarus Cain and Amon Drakard. They tell the story of Hell’s Mouth Dungeon, and it is the only way out of Khiggrim and back up to the surface. The Dungeon was abandoned a long time ago, and was relatively safe to travel, aside from some traps. In recent times, the dungeon was overtaken by a swarm of monsters due to some evil force. Vanor Orel comes into the tavern and introduces himself, he is assigned to the party as their guide through Hell’s mouth, and in return they will protect Vanor. The party agrees to set out for the cave. The party walks out of the tavern onto the street and warns the guards that they are going to leave the city. The guards signal the gates to be open, but only enough for the party to get through, and then the gates slam closed behind them.

Hell’s Mouth
The facade of the cave appears to be a mouth of a giant demon, stalactites and stalagmites lining the cave, appearing as hundreds of teeth. Vanor pushes ahead of the group, leading them through a seemingly empty room, periodically stopping and making turns and weaving. When the party is about halfway across the room, Nyar asks “Why exactly aren’t we just walking straight to the other side?” Vanor simply laughs, and takes a small stone out of his bag and tosses it off the path. A pillar of fire shoots up from the ground where the rock was, seemingly out of nowhere. When the spectacle is over, the party moves on. The end of the room was a smooth rock wall with a door in the center with no handles, levers or anything. The party stands there confused. Vanor points to a small hole in the ground, puts his staff in the socket, and twists until the door is open, and moves the party through. When the party is through, Vanor removes his staff and moves into the doorway, which the great stone doors slam behind him. Vanor tells the mages of the group of the “Sealed tome” A hidden tome of great power to anyone who holds the book. It is hidden somewhere in this dungeon. The room they are currently in has a long hallway, and an opening at the back, almost in the shape of a mace. Jango and Brelikath move forward first, and stumble upon two Hellhounds. They quickly slay the Hellhounds and move on into the next room. Vanor laughs and congratulates you on killing the “puppies,” compared to the rest of what is rumored to come. “Let’s move on, what say you?” Vanor scoffs. The Party moves into the next room, which is just a bridge from one side to the other, no floor on either side. The Party follows vanor to the middle of the bridge, where another pedestal sits. Vanor operates the mechanism, and two platforms rise up on either side of the bridge, completing the floor. There’s one Troll on each platform. A set of Iron bars fall over the far exit door. A voice booms through the room. “YOU MUST SLAY THE TROLLS TO CONTINUE.” The party splits into two, and kill the trolls swiftly. The gate unlocks, and the party leaves after looting the Trolls’ coinpurses. The party moves into the next room. The room is a completly empty and barren room aside from what looks like a bird cage, with a large warrior inside. He starts calling out to the party “My name is Faz, please help me!” Icarus dashes forward and summons his Narwhal to pick the lock on the cage. The lock is undone by the Narwhal, and then suddenly, the floor of the dungeon drops. The Narwhal saves Fazin and survives the fall. There are the skeletons of former heroes that tried to take this dungeon many ages ago. Faz quickly explains that he was the prisoner of the boss of this dungeon. He can’t remember very much or how he got here. Vanor quickly draws your attention from the new party member, and to the seemingly impending doom around you. "Beware, the souls of the heroes that once rested here are now corrupted. 2 Wraiths attack the party. Nyar tries to convince the Wraiths to lay down their arms, and they refuse, the party defeats the two wraiths, and then they join powers to form the Wraith king.. Vanor steps forward and congratulates the party. LockeJaw takes the essence of the wraith king and can now control the floor of the dungeon. The party hears a booming voice of anger at the party for taking the power of the dungeon. Vanor warns the party of a dark presence in the coming room. The party moves onward, regardless of what will come next. Bones start falling from the ceiling like it was about to collapse. On the far side of the room, the party spots a bony figure on a throne. This particular skeleton holding a sword. a cackle shatters the silence in the room “MYAHHHHH I WILL DESTROY YOU LIKE I DID HE-MAN.” Skeletor is a mighty foe, which requires one part of the team to rush his throne and fight petty monsters on the way, and the other to stay back and do some damage to him. The bones in the room are animated into skeletons by him. Faz ultimately delivers the final blow to Skeletor and reclaims the blade of Greyskull. Skeletor crumbles into a pile of ash. The throne of skulls and the wall behind it crumbles into nothing. There is a tome upon a pedestal in the newly revealed room. “That must be the tome that Vanor speaks of!” yelled Lockejaw, as he claimed his prize. The party goes up to the surface and sets up camp, just outside the mouth of the cave. fresh air, trees, ground. Three things they finally get to see again.



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