The Plight of Orlion

Onward to Tethys

Session 2

Dawn breaks, Lockejaw emerges from his tent and wakes up the whole party to get a move on. The party has decided to move onward towards Tethys, a small farm town on the eastern end of Austrion. The party sets off down the path. Leading the party down the road, Lockejaw halts the party and scans the immediate area. He can hear something but he can’t see it. Suddenly, Nyar sees two hobgoblins harassing a tied up guy with a burlap sack over his head. “HALT, LEAVE THAT MAN ALONE” shouted Nyar. The hobgoblins seemed to oblige as they dropped the man and stepped away from him. They suddenly darted to the woodline and were lost in sight to the whole party. The party prepared to put up a fight. The two hobgoblins broke the treeline and attacked. First, one swung at Brelikath who swiftly blocked, then Nyar who dodged. The man who was tied up starts struggling, and then finally sets himself free, it’s Jango, the fellow party member who had to depart for his hometown. He snuck up behind the fiends and backstabbed both of them. The party was now five strong. Eventually, the town came upon Tethys, just in time for nightfall.

The party decided to take refuge in “The Vulgar Prince Inn” the local Tavern. The next morning had come, and night had passed. five destroyed rooms, five sexually assaulted barmaids, and fifteen tankards of unpaid ale is what waited for the party next morn. They each received a hefty bill from the Bartender. So each and every member of the party convinced the bartender that they would pay him back ‘later.’ All except for, Coroax, that is. Coroax stood there contemplating for a minute with the bill in his hand. Then his eyes lit up, and a smile stretched across his face, as if he’d been struck by a genius idea. He winded up, and whacked the bartender with a stiff punch, knocking him out in one hit. The group leaves the scene quickly and decides to look around for a quest. The group seeks out the Captain of the Guard, and upon inquiring about any quests, he informs them that someone assaulted the owner of “The Vulgar Prince” so he didn’t have to pay his bill. The party members decide to turn Coroax in for 5 gold per adventurer. Brelikath knocked him out and they bring him to the jail.

The party decides LockeJaw and Nyar will distract the guards while Jango and Brelikath break into the prison and rescue Coroax. LockeJaw will start by lighting bales of hay on fire and Nyar will warn the guards, who will have to start trying to put it out.(Tethys is a small town that only has two guards on duty at the moment.)

Jango and Brelikath get in position behind the prison while LockeJaw started the fire. Nyar bursts into the prison and warns the two guards what’s the situation, and they quickly rush to the fire. Jango picked the lock successfully. Brelikath and Jango sneak into the prison and pick the lock on the jail door because the Captain took the keys with him. Mark unlocks the chest that holds Coroax’s gear.

LockeJaw sets two bales of hay on fire, then swiftly escapes town to the rendezvous. the small flame spreads to a decent sized burn, Nyar rushes to the guards in the jail in Tethys and warns them of the fire. The Captain of the Guard wants to warn the whole town with the bell atop the jail. Nyar convinces him otherwise and they press onward towards the fire. Guard Sanders starts filling buckets and throwing them on the fire with no avail, because it is Magical fire, and cannot be put out by water. The Captain of the Guard tries to go back to the bell, but is convinced otherwise. Nyar can no longer convince the Guard to stay, so he is trailing the Captain back to the Jail, and then as he puts his hand out to open the door, Jango, Brelikath, and Coroax are standing there in the doorway. Nyar quickly punches the Captain so hard in the head that his skull cracks and suffers severe brain damage. The party escapes the town, and not much is lost. LockeJaw’s fire burned down a barn, with some chickens inside of it. When Guard Sanders found this out, he realized that it was a viable food source. So he, now with his new title of Colonel, Colonel Sanders ‘invented’ fried chicken.

Woods outside Tethys
The Party meets outside Tethys, and they set up camp for the night, and hope to move toward Tenby as fast as they can to make as much distance between them and Tethys as possible.

The Party is sitting around the fire, and conversation starts. Nyar asks Coroax if the rumors of rape in jail are true.

Coroax is sitting in jail next to a large gentleman all alone in the jail cell, nobody else because the captain was taken to go tend to a fire. The large gentleman, bubba is angry that a certain man took his original title “LockeJaw” and he is out for blood. He tries to grab Coroax, who punches Bubba so hard that he smashes his skull and his brains leak out.
end flashback

While the part is preparing the firewood, protecting the food from bears, and preparing their things for the big move in the morning, Coroax is walking through the woods to go and look for some firewood. He retrieves some firewood, and starts heading back towards the camp, and then below him the earth gives way and he plummets into a pit with a loud screech. The rest of the party jumps up to investigate. The whole party is standing around the hole, contemplating their next action. They hear Coroax yelling profanity at the other party members to come down and help their comrade. Brelikath tries to push Nyar into the hole, but to his own undoing slips and falls into the hole himself. The rest of the party follow.

There are two pathways, one to their immediate left, and right, one continuous cave. Lockejaw summons his Wolf, and sends him down the right end of the tunnel, and when he returns, has a blade in his mouth. A regular old Longsword. The team thinks nothing of it and ventures in the opposite direction. While heading down this pathway, the dog starts whining. LockeJaw shoots a fireball down the way they are heading, and as it travels down the tunnel, there are reflective “surfaces” of some sort on every side of the tunnel aside from the ground. The party continues down the tunnel. The party moves far enough down the tunnel with torches in hand that they don’t even see the hole from the ceiling anymore. Light is reflecting off of the same spots as before. The party sends Coroax and the Wolf to go and check out the reflective surfaces, and the reflective things are moving away as they get closer. Strange Coroax thinks. The Wolf is visibly startled and starts growling. The party starts chasing the reflective things to a dead end to where the entire tunnel around them is reflective. Nyar hears something from the end of the tunnel they came from. A booming voice sounds “AYE, WHAT ARE YE LADDIES DOING AROUND ALL THOSE SPIDERS?!” Which startles the walls and ceiling around them, Nyar, LockeJaw, and Coroax make it to safety, but Brelikath, Jango, and the wolf are all trapped and surrounded by the spiders. They fight the spiders, Jango kills one, and then a metal on metal screeching is heard, a Train car on the ceiling, filled with Dwarves, armed with Dynamite and rifles start firing and dropping explosives on the Spiders. Soon the entire party is covered with spider blood, guts, and gore. The dwarves signal to the party, “over this way!” the party follows the stout dwarf down the tunnel. The way they didn’t decide to go? Giant steel gates garnished with gears and seals and pistons, a crazy contraption like none had ever seen before. The gears grinded, pistons pumped, and the banner over the gate read “KHIGGRIM, DWARVEN CAPITAL.” This was one of the finest cities, seemingly hand carved into the caves, and most technologically advanced societies in, or under Austrion.

The Captain of the Khiggrim rangers greets the party, and asks them why they didn’t follow their dog. LockeJaw kind of mumbles “It was sort of a vague expression…” The Captain bellowed back “AH, WELL LADS, THERE BE A FINE TAVERN OVER THERE.” The party gets fitted for specialized dwarven armor that is custom made for them only. 15 gold a piece.
The party ventures to the weapons shoppe next. The dwarf standing behind the counter grumbles and yells at LockeJaw, “No Negros in my establishment.” LockeJaw waves his hand using his mage persuade trick. “Ah, I’m sorry lad, It must’ve been the lighting. You’re no negro.” The Party retires to the tavern. Coroax wants to drink. Jango and Brelikath bet him that if either of them win in an arm wrestle, he can’t drink. Coroax reluctantly agrees and wins against Jango, but loses to Brelikath. The party wakes up in the morning, surprisingly no damages done to the tavern.



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