The Plight of Orlion

The Adventure Begins

Session 1

The Plight of Orlion session 1

The party of adventurers, lead by Nyar Callum have been hearing of the pleading and promises of riches and nobility in exchange for a task from the Lord of Orlion, Elas Lowdoon. Upon arrival on the beautiful capital city of Orlion, the party goes straight to their objective, the Lord’s Tower in the center of Orlion. They seek assembly with Lord Elas, and the Clerk of the lord shows them to the meeting chamber. After waiting for a short time, Elas Lowdoon shows himself, and introduces himself to the adventurers. He tells them of his plight, his son has been kidnapped by the evil wizard Atrix, and was taken deep into Orc homelands, which would spell doom for any human to set foot there. It is believed that he is in the Dark Tower, the Headquarters of Atrix. The group decides to set off to the market district of Orlion and but some spells, because they were paid some gold in advance from the Lord of Orlion. They first go to the armorer, LockeJaw tries to buy his armor with the 20k republic credits that he has saved up. The merchant man tells him that he will not accept republic credits. LockeJaw tries to convince him with his mage mind trick to take republic credits, but he does not succeed. However, they pay in gold and then get their armor. Then next comes the weaponsmith, and they upgrade there. The group departs the city and sets off for Rockhelm pass to make passage to the Elven territory. Jango, one of the party members receives an urgent message from a courier warning that his hometown is under attack by a dragon. Jango leaves the party. LockeJaw and Nyar are the only two remaining party members, until Jango’s return.

Nyar and LockeJaw arrive at Rockhelm Pass to find it under attack by a group of Bandits, the party sees groups of civilians being cut down by the bandits, and decide to intervene. They quickly kill the bandits and help save Rockhelm Pass. After the battle, they meet Brelikath Cerra, and Coroax the Unforgiving. Coroax actually knew Nyar from their days in the Human-Elf Military, and they are old friends with Geralt Lowdoon , so Brelikath and Coroax join their party. The group decided that they would move towards Tethys in the morning.



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