Amon Drakard [Dead]

Rogue/Bounty Hunter played by Alva


Act: d6
Wit: d8
Ego: d10
hits: 9

-Adventure Kit (Bedroll, Tent, Torches, Potions, Flint+Steel)
-Gold Pouch
-Short Sword
-Bounty Hunter Fatigues

-The Darkness (raises his Act to d8 in dark environments)
-Interrogate (Raises his Act roll by 2 in interrogations)
-Bloodlust (After his first hit received, he gains a +2 to his act roll)


Amon met his fate while helping the party defend a fortress warden and his steward from a clan of werewolves, his body was shredded by the alpha werewolf. He was still alive come the end of the battle, but he refused to be healed by Arlen Camus, so he was instead put out of his misery.

Amon Drakard [Dead]

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