The Plight of Orlion

Character Assassination
Session 6

After a grueling trek back down the mountain, the town of Tenby sprawls in front of the party, the giant wood gates, reinforced with steel strips stretched up to the banner that read “Welcome to Tenby” The gates creak open and Vanor Orel steps out, “Welcome back gentlemen, I assume you’ve the cure with you?” Nyar silently nods and holds out the potions. The party follows Vanor down the dusty gravel path back to the Doctor’s home where he can examine the potions. “Ah yes this will do!” Vanor exclaims “You’ve got the cure, time to put it to good use.” hours turn into days, which turn into weeks, and then a total of a month later, there isn’t a single trace of the plague left in the Town of Tenby. The town has been organizing a feast in honor of the brave warriors who saved the town.

Feast Hall
The party came upon the feast hall, seemingly packed to the brim with happy patrons, bright lights, a banner that said “Thank you Heroes” was strung above the feast table. There was much food, drink, and women to be had. Jango and LockeJaw had a tankard of mead in each hand and drinking as much as possible. Nyar, Arlen, and Coroax were stuffing their faces with turkey, mutton, and any food they could get their hands on. Brelikath, and Icarus were heading to their respective rooms with three women on each arm. The night would be great, each adventurer thought to himself. The townsmen agreed to celebrate the Heroes each year from this day on. After a long night of partying, boasting, eating, drinking, etc. The Adventurers retired to their Inn rooms.

The Black Lady Inn
Nyar wakes to being shaken by Vanor. “Nyar, Nyar, you need to get up, NOW!” “what’s the problem old man?” replies Nyar, rubbing his eyes still half asleep. “You damned idiot, LOOK!” Vanor says as he gestures to the other side of the room. Jango’s body lay lifeless on the bed, throat slit, with a pillow over his face. “what the fuck happened vanor?!” said Nyar, now fully awake. “I have no Idea, it must’ve happened during the night. There’s only one person who can fix this, a Cleric who lives on the outskirts of the city, you need to get to him as soon as possible” “Aye, I guess we’ve no choice, but to go there.. but AFTER we catch the bastard that did this!” interjected Nyar. “You stay here with Jango, Vanor”

Inn common room
Nyar lets the rest of the party know the fate Jango has met, and they must catch the culprit, and then find the Cleric on the outskirts of town. Icarus examined the body and noticed the slit could’ve only been done by a jagged blade. Vanor adds that the blade must have been a Kyriad blade, only a few very rich and powerful people, such as the ruling parties of Austrion can get those blades. The barkeep gives the party extremely Vague information that he’s seen nobody. The party slips out onto a side street and heads towards the town bazaar to look for answers.

Towne Centre
The group comes to a large indoor Bazaar, all walks of life, from the scummiest smugglers to the richest politicians come here to do business, humans, elves, and dwarves alike. Icarus splits off from the group to go and check out the tome seller, and picks up a pixie tome that boosts LockeJaw’s healing power. Icarus purchases new armor. The party meets back up and decides to split up, so that way they can cover more ground more quickly

LockeJaw and Amon
Amon and LockeJaw step out into the back alley, to the scummier part of Tenby, to talk to some of the underworld information brokers. Amon approaches the nearest and least sketchy looking person, and asks him about information. The guy sticks his tongue out, laughs in Amon’s face and sprints away. Clearly a madman. Amon moves to one end of the alley, and LockeJaw to the other, and they box the remaining 3 in the alley in. One man tries to make a break for it, and LockeJaw puts up a wall of flame. The man falls to his knees and starts pleading for his life, telling the guys that he will tell them anything they need to know. They asked who in town could afford, or was seen having a Kyriad dagger, to which he claims he forgot the names. Amon grabs him by his neck, and shows the man his teeth. “You know I could make you my Thrall and we could be done with this.” shouts Amon. “Aiymon Quynn, theoden Orist, Glomerc Whitmail, those are the only outsiders in town today… nobody else, It has to be one of them.” Amon and LockeJaw move out into the alley and meet up with the rest of the party.

Back Alley
A man of short stature, a dwarf has been trying to signal the party. They turn to listen, and he introduces himself as Theoden Orist, from Khiggrim with the party’s armor they ordered back in Khiggrim. The Dwarf starts walking towards the end of the alley, and a shadowy figure bursts from the darkness, slits the dwarf’s throat and slips off. Icarus examines the body, the same cut as Jango’s body. Icarus realizes that the Assassin mistook Theoden for Vanor. The assassin wasn’t just after Jango. The party rushes back to the INN to find that Vanor is okay. The party sets off for the Guard Captain’s quarters. On the way to the home, Nyar is stopped by a young man, who inquires about his dagger. He wants Nyar to give him his dagger. The party brings up the assassination. He tells the party that Glomerc Whitmail is a noble who’s in town, staying at the Golden Bear INN. Introduces himself as Andresin Folen.

Tenby Guard Barracks
The party approaches the guard tower where the Guard Captain resides. The scribe tries to shoo the party saying the Captain is busy. Nyar points out that they saved tenby and DEMAND audience with the captain. The scribe lets you in. The guard Captain greets the party in a slurred voice, with his eyes half closed. The party asks of Glomerc Whitmail. Rich man, could’ve easily tipped off a bartender. Aiymon is very poor and does illusory tricks for passersby. The party decides to split up.

LockeJaw and Amon go to the bartender of The Black Lady. “The jig is up, pal!” yells Lockejaw, as he clears out the bar and closes the doors. The bartender says “I’ve no idea what you’re talking about!” “DON’T TAKE ME AS A CONJURER OF CHEAP TRICKS!” LockeJaw shouts as he grabs the bartender by the collar. “We know you took a bribe, and you’re going to tell us who paid you off or we will hurt you!” the bartender replies quickly "okay okay, fine, he told me that he was going to assassinate another person in the inn, not any of the heroes, which is why I let him through. He was blind in one eye, please just take these supplies and please leave me alone!

Brelikath and Arlen enter the Bazaar, looking for friends of Aiymon so they could learn his location. The two slipped out into the alley where Aiymon is rumored to hide. Brelikath grabbed the same information broker from before, and threatened to gouge his eyeballs out if he didn’t tell him where Aiymon was immediately. “Western edge of town by the sewers, putting on an illusion show, as usual” the man struggles to get out. Brelikath and Arlen arrive in the slum district by the sewers and see a man juggling fireballs, balancing something on his nose, doing all sorts of tricks. Brelikath starts interrogating the man. He says “pay me good coin and answers I may give.” The man has two normal blue eyes, and is otherwise okay.

Nyar, Icarus, and Coroax are waiting until nightfall in The Golden Bear, when the party will be at its peak. The Golden Bear has red carpeting, giant glass and torch Chandeliers, Ice sculptures, fountains and beautiful scenery. The trio approaches the bartender and asks about Glowmerc. The bartender asks if the party paid the cover charge, which they said no. The bartender throws them out and says they can’t come back in unless they pay or get a gold card. The party is looking around outside for someone with a gold card. Suddenly, Icarus spots a guy looking down at the ground, kind of kicking the dirt. Icarus asks what’s the matter, and the man introduces himself as Abel, a local rich politician’s son. He just got stood up by his date. He had a gold card and everything. The Trio ask if he wants to get them in to the bar, and they will help him have a good time. he agrees and lets them know he is skilled in both persuasion and lockpicking. Quickly, Icarus glances at Abel’s face. both eyes are fine, this couldn’t have been the guy LockeJaw told them about he concluded. Abel invites the party to join him in his room to pregame the party. The party agrees and starts drinking a lot. Coroax stumbles out into the hallway and to Glowmerc’s room door, and stars pounding on it furiously. An extremely intoxicated man comes to the door and says “HEY BRO, COME ON IN!!!” and invites the whole group in. In this single room ,there are a lot of women, and plenty of alcohol. The whole party drinks so much with Glowmerc they are ready to hit the ground. Icarus grabs Glowmerc’s face, no scar, two eyes. Everything. Icarus finds the dagger on Glowmerc. Icarus asks if the dagger is Glowmercs, and he says yes, he bought it off of some weird guy earlier today. He gives the party the dagger. Glowmerc takes 3 women to bed with him and passes out.

“Who is askin my name, who wants to know?”
“I’m Arlen Camus, just a normal guy trying to get some information”
“Aiymon is my name, anything else and I’m charging”
“we’re paying you nothing more”
“than we’re done here”
Brelikath punches Aiymon in the face, making all of his illusions disappear, and revealing one blind eye.The two take Aiymon back to The Black Lady.

The Black Lady
“We found this guy by the west bank, he wouldn’t give us information so we took him here.” said Brelikath. “Aye, that’s the one,” confirmed the bartender. the party takes Aiymon into Jango and Nyar’s room

“Why did you kill him?” asks Brelikath
“I was paid to!” said Aiymon
Brelikath sticks his blade into Aiymond’s calf, and he cries out in pain.
“Who paid you?” said Nyar
“a rich man!” said Aiymon
Nyar cut just below Aiymon’s knee, and he shrieks in pain
“It was Andresin Folen, Folen I swear” he admits, he paid Aiymon to kill Nyar, but he mistook Jango for Nyar, because he wouldn’t give Andresin his blade last night during the festivities.
Nyar sticks his blade into Aiymon’s good eye, and blinds him, then drops him off back at the sewers where his home was. The party prepares to head off into the woods to find the cleric, and Vanor stays in Tenby to preserve Jango’s body.

Session end

Super Scary Halloween Adventure Pt.2
Session 5

Floor 3
The party emerges from the spare mansion bedroom and starts moving towards the room at the end of the hall. They come upon the door, which bears a golden seal with a beetle of some kind on it. there are no visible handles, and it seems to be made of a tan material. Jango puts his hand on the door to look for a handle or button. As soon as his hand touches the door, the seal starts to spin and the door pulls open. The Party walks into the room. Icarus tries to see what is in the coffin, and doesn’t sense anything inside. Nyar opens up the coffin. A mummy, long dead with a golden headdress lays inside. Nyar tries to carefully take the headdress off, and as soon as it is removed from the coffin, it rusts and turns a brownish color in Nyar’s hands. Nyar tries to put it back in on the mummy, and he completely overdoes it, and crushes the mummy’s head with the headdress. Nyar closes the coffin and tries to walk away like nothing happens. Jango walks to the far door and tries to open it by kicking it in. iron bars fall on the opposite side of the door, and the coffins lining the walls start opening up. Brelikath murmurs “oh great, real mummies.” A group of vampires jump out of the coffins and start taunting the party. Nyar convinces the vampires that he is a paladin and they better back off. He successfully intimidates them, and they swear they will have their revenge and leave. The party proceeds into the next room when the iron bars lift.

Floor 2
They come to a hallway with a wooden door at the end and hear someone screaming in a room off to the right. they rush into the room and see a man laying there with an arrow in his leg, just below his knee. The man seemingly has no bad intentions. Icarus moves into the room to help the guy out. The man stumbles back, and pulls out a mystical knife with anti-mage properties. Icarus turns to Nyar and lets him take over. Nyar talks the man down and takes his Dagger. The man keeps insisting that bad things happen when he gets angry. Jango moves forward and gives the man a potion, after pulling the arrow out of his leg. The man remembers almost nothing about this floor or what is going on. He just knows he needs help finding a certain mystical ring. Jango examines the arrowhead that was in the man’s leg. It’s an anti-mystical creature arrowhead that would only hurt a magical creature, it has a blunted head and it is the magic that propels it through its intended target. The man introduces himself as Arlen Camus. Arlen makes his way to the locked door on the other side of the hallway and unlocks it for the heroes. Nyar gives Arlen his old dagger. They walk into the next room, and there is nothing but a curtained window. LockeJaw opens the curtain, and light pours into the room, a full moon. Arlen jumps out of the way of the window and presses himself against the wall. “Lycanthropy for beginners” is the title of the book that Arlen is clutching close to himself. He explains to the party that he needs a certain ring to be able to control his Lycanthropy and return his memories. He shows Nyar the Moonstone, a milky white almost clear orb that has a slot for a ring in the bottom, with the ring, he will be able to turn any time he wants. The team closes the curtain and moves into the next room. There is a pedestal with a ring on it in the center of the room. Ryan places the ring in the moonstone, and it rises up into the air, and emits a red light flooding the whole room, and Arlen collapses to the floor, screaming in pain to “make it stop.” Hair is visibly growing at a quick rate on Arlen’s body. Brelikath picks Arlen up and smashes through the nearest door and sets him down next to it. Arlen lets them know if he gets too hungry he has to eat something, be it meat, an enemy, or a party member. Thankfully he has some raw meat in his bag, and eats some of that for now. The moonstone falls back down to the floor, and is now complete, Arlen once again has control. He remembers everything, he was Jack’s assistant, he was tasked with finding the Lycanthropy ring, and contracted the disease while trying to find it. The team moves into a room with a bunch of Vampire bats hanging from the ceiling, and a curtain covering a window on the far side. The Party sits there contemplating what to do. Arlen reacts and rips the curtain off the window, turning him into a Werewolf quickly, and he pounces on one of the vampire bats and starts ripping it to pieces. the party engages the other bats and quickly dispatch of them. Arlen reverts back to human state, and slinks into the corner as the party covers the window back up. They move into the next door, which is a staircase down to the next level.

Mansion floor 1
Arlen sprints ahead of the party into the next room. The party tries to keep up, but they cannot. They come into a room full of skeleton bones, yet to be reanimated, and will stay that way if they’re careful. They sneak past successfully and move into the main lobby. They follow Arlen’s voice, he’s screaming from the other room. Ryan gets closer and tries to talk to Arlen “GET AWAY FROM ME, MAGES, THE LOT OF YOU” he shouts angrily, almost a stranger to who he was before. Ryan tries to grab Arlen, and he phases through him, an illusion. Nyar hears a deep laughing as the room slowly fills with thick black smoke, and they hear the neighing of a horse and the smell of fire. The party tries to see through the smoke and can’t without constantly trying to, A headless horseman on a steed of nightmare black stood with a large scythe in his hand on the opposite end of the lobby.

Boss fight
The Headless horseman charges and swings his scythe at both Jango and Nyar, only Nyar dodges. Jango wasn’t so lucky because he couldn’t see through the smoke. Icarus quickly swings his weapon at the beast, which he successfully hits once, and missed the beast because he failed to see. Suddenly, Jango sees at the last moment, but it is too late. The Headless Horseman is charging at him too quickly, he raises his blade to retaliate, the blade is stricken from his hand, and he is kicked unconscious by the Horseman’s steed. Jango flies across the battlefield, and the only thing that is perceived by the rest of the party is the sound of Jango’s armor scratching against the stone floor. “Dammit, Jango’s Down!,” shouted Icarus as he summoned his Narwhal. Out of pure rage, Icarus charges into the smoke swinging wildly, and completely misses the horseman. Nyar takes aim into the thick smoke, able to detect the beast by the mere sound and fires off two shots in the direction of the horseman and hits both shots. The Narwhal Blows away the cloud of smoke around himself with enough time to see the beast, and he charges dealing massive damage, piercing the heart of the beast and knocking the rider off. The Rider becomes enraged and tries to swing and hit Nyar. Nyar raises his blade to block the Rider’s swing, and he holds the attack back, but his knees buckle below him. He’s becoming fatigued. Icarus tries to inspire Nyar to fight harder, but he can’t communicate through how thick the smoke is. Icarus musters all the strength a mage could, raises his shovel over his head, and swings at the horseman, slicing the shoulder of the horseman, who backs up in pain. Nyar Swings his dagger and stabs it into the horseman’s shoulder, and doubles back. He draws his rifle and attempts to fire, but the Horseman gets out of the way. The Narwhal charges the cloud of smoke with electrical current, and dives at the Horseman, piercing his chestplate and dealing massive damage. The Horseman swings his scythe at Nyar, who raises his rifle to block, and has it torn out of his hands, and gets a nasty cut across his chest. Both the Horseman and Nyar are extremely fatigued, ready to give. Icarus swings his shovel with all his might at the horseman, shattering his scythe and knocking it from his hands, leaving him vulnerable. The smoke starts clearing to the point where there is only a small gray haze.
Nyar forces himself to his feet, draws his blade, and sprints to the horseman, jumps up and pushes his blade deep into the Horseman’s chest, piercing his heart. The beast rears back almost like a horse, and lets out a bloodcurdling, deep, evil shout and Collapses and dies in a puff of ash. Nyar retrieves his dagger and collapses to his knees.
End Boss Battle

Arlen and LockeJaw suddenly burst through one of the side doors to see the party in dismay, Icarus checking Jango’s lifesigns, and Nyar on the brink of collapsing from blood loss. Arlen and LockeJaw start carrying the two wounded up to Jack’s lab when he suddenly appears from yet another elevator close by. Jack exclaims “Oh that was a good show my boys!” Nyar interjects “If I lose anymore blood, you’re going to be talking to a stiff in about a second.” Which reminds Jack to go through his pouch. He draws out a peculiar potion, the likes of which Nyar certainly has never seen. He pours it on the wound and it almost instantly heals up. “Ah, this is why I always preferred Science to magic, much easier to understand and apply! ahaha!” Jack joked to himself. Nyar stood up straight, still feeling very fatigued. Jack turned his attention to Jango. Jango lay there motionless, as if he were dead. LockeJaw is about to use a spell to heal Jango, and Jack pushes him out of the way. He produces a small pouch from his satchel, and puts it under Jango’s nose, which makes him wake up immediately. “See? No need for magic! hahaha.” The party decides to rest on the main floor of the mansion and then head down into the town when they muster the strength in the morning.


Super Scary Halloween Adventure Pt.1
Session 4

Nyar wakes up to Vanor hurriedly packing and ready to go. He informs Nyar that he has to go to Tenby as soon as possible and the party will see him there. Hours later, the party ventures into Tenby. The town is in a severe state of disrepair. Ghoulish people are shambling around the streets like zombies, clearly suffering from some horrid disease. The party sees a series of signs with arrows “Mayors Office, Doctor, Mt. fortitude.” The party decides to go to the doctor’s home. Vanor is tending to some of the ill citizens, which is why he had to leave so hurriedly. He needs the cure which is being worked on. Vanor sends the party to the Mayor’s office to find the location of the cure. The party pushes through the front door of the doctor’s office and down the street to the Mayor’s office. The Mayor greets the party, he surprisingly knows them all by name, “Vanor spoke much of your brave cause gentlemen,” “Hopefully you will share some more kindness with the town of Tenby.” said the Mayor. He told the party of Jack’s mansion perched high on Mt.Fortitude, and how Jack, the scientist was working on the cure for the plague that has infected so many. He needed the party to go up there as soon as possible. "This will be no easy task, many a obstacle will await you on the way to the manor. The party sets off past the city gates to the foot of Mt.Fortitude.

The party begins ascending the long and winding path that leads to the top of the mountain. Jango scoffs and says that this is way to easy! As soon as he says that, they come upon a giant hole in the path. The stones had given way and there was now nothing where there was once stairs. “Good going Jango” was the general consensus from the party. The party had to track back to an earlier part of the pathway that had a system of caves that lead up to the top of the mountain, or hopefully did. As the party moves deeper in the cave, the more dark and hopeless it feels. When the lack of light is completely overbearing, Lockejaw lights a torch. The cave system then suddenly splits off into 2 additional directions, Left right, or forward. Two party members head forward and try to roll a perception check to sense what’s further down the tunnels. They sense negative and neutral presences from different tunnels, seemingly random. Brelikath hears someone crying out for help coming from the forward tunnel. the party continues forward, the closer they get, the more distorted the voice sounds. The voice stops as soon as they get to another clearing, this time there are 5 different tunnels going in all relatively different directions. Icarus scans the caves for any threats, and determines only one is safe, and they proceed through the tunnel. There is a structure in the mountain, almost like an underground tower going up. There is a spiral staircase going all the way up to the top of the tower with periodic doors at some levels. there is an obelisk in the middle of the room. Nyar throws a rock at it, nothing happens. Amon starts up the stairs to check for any threats. When he reaches the first doorway, an orc pops out and whacks him with a club, knocking him all the way down the stairs. Jango shoots the Orc with an arrow, which then it falls down and onto the obelisk. The ground starts shaking, the whole tower is coming down, and there is nowhere for the heroes to go. After the rubble settles, they see they are at the top of the mountain, there’s a very sparse forest, consisting of few trees shrubs and rocks. Nyar climbs a nearby tree to get a better look ahead. Further up the path Nyar sees a giant cornfield with a lone shed in the middle, and far beyond that, he sees the mansion, towering over anything nearby. The Party spreads out into a row and starts carefully trekking into the cornfield towards the shed.

After a few minutes of moving, the team comes upon the shed, there is a small clearing around it. The team hears shuffling getting closer and closer to the shed, and they can’t tell what it is. half of the team heads inside the shed to check it out, there’s nothing. Nyar picks up a garden hoe and contemplates making a pun. Nyar makes a dumb joke and everyone laughs, he’s praised as the party leader. As the laughing dies down, Icarus is flung through the window from the outside. “OH FUCK” is heard from Brelikath outside. The group inside rushes outside to see what happens, and there are 3 animated scarecrows who attack the party. The scarecrows put up a good fight, but the team ultimately defeats them. The party goes inside the shed to check on Icarus, and he is fine. Lockejaw points out they haven’t checked a particular tool closet in the shed. He opens up the shed, and a large man steps out with a machete donning an hockey mask. LockeJaw tries to burn the shed down as they run out. The shed collapses on the masked figure. All is calm until the rubble starts moving, and the masked man climbs out of the rubble and prepares to fight.The party tries to stop the threat by constantly making jokes at him, which is largely unsuccessful, and only buffs his health, until LockeJaw convinces him to help them on their quest. He shows the party through the cornfield, and into the mansion. He opens the front door and steps in, and is obliterated by a lightning bolt, and then the door slams behind him, leaving the party outside.

Jack’s Mansion
Nyar knocks on the door. Five to Ten minutes later, a butler answers the door. “Hello Gentlemen, I believe Master Jack is waiting for you few up in his lab. His lab is on the 4th floor, an elevator is just over there that will take you up to the lab.” An elevator car dings into place. He shows the party to the elevator and returns to his post. The elevator starts slowly creeping up, and then starts rising at a normal pace. clack clack clack DING. The elevator stops at floor 3, and the doors slide open “Floor 13” is what the sign says, a one was carved into the sign, disturbingly enough. The elevator doors close and head up to the 4th floor. The doors open at the fourth floor and the odor of chemicals and machinery flows into the elevator. The party steps out into the first room. They pass rooms with Torture chambers, repurposed to observation chambers, rooms full of papers, beakers and tables with experiments half finished, or in larval stages. They finally reach a door at the end of the hall with “Jack’s study” embossed onto a gold plate attached to the door. Nyar knocks on the door. “Oh hold on just a second” is heard from the other side of the door. A short man, no larger than 5’0" opens up the door, and extends his hand to shake Nyar’s hand. Nyar shakes his hand and jolts backward in surprise, Jack is half dragon, and his skin is extremely scaly and his hands are very similar to dragon claws. He introduces himself as Mr.Jack O’Lantern, the owner of this great mansion. After a short conversation Jack lets the heroes know that, guts of a pumpkin, wolfsbane, and nightshade extract are the mixture to cure the illness. jack quickly tries to push the party out so he can continue with his experiments. Nyar shouts “WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE?” at Jack. Jack gives Nyar a puzzled look, not really getting what he is trying to say. He clearly has had no contact with real people in a very long time. Nyar asks if there is another way down. Jack says “oh yes right over here,” and points to a bare wall. Nyar waits at the wall. Jack pulls a chain, and the wall flips around and on the other side of the wall, there is a face with its tongue sticking out at Nyar. Jack bursts out laughing, and between deep breaths he barely gets out “I’ve been waiting sooo long to do that, but alas, there is no other way, I’m sorry my friends.” Brelikath challenges Jack to an arm wrestling contest, and loses terribly.Nyar asks if there is any other way down, or something. “I can’t exactly remember,” Jack says while continually pinning Brelikath’s arm to the table. " Ah, this is the best fun I’ve had in a while!" Jack insists he will help the party. He leads them to the elevator, which is now broken, and pushes a bookcase out of the way, revealing another elevator. “She’s much older than the other one, but it should do the trick.” So the team agrees to go into the elevator. They pull the lever to go to the third floor. click click click floor 2 click click click floor 12 click click click floor 666 click click DING, back at floor 3, or floor 13. The party has no other option but to get out here. Icarus looks further into the room, and senses nothing but two doors, so the party moves ahead. Two parrots sit on a perch, right next to each other, with a single door adjacent to each of them. The room is filled with angelic light. There is a pedestal just in front of the group. “You must solve the riddle to pass safely.” You only get to ask the parrots one question to determine which door is the safe one. Nyar asks a dumb question and chooses the left door. The group comes upon a small bedroom in a corridor, which opened up just past the door. They set up there for the night and prepare to move in the morning.


Into Hell's Mouth
Session 3

The Party has awoken in the Khiggrim tavern to a wayward Elf and his Vampire companion, Icarus Cain and Amon Drakard. They tell the story of Hell’s Mouth Dungeon, and it is the only way out of Khiggrim and back up to the surface. The Dungeon was abandoned a long time ago, and was relatively safe to travel, aside from some traps. In recent times, the dungeon was overtaken by a swarm of monsters due to some evil force. Vanor Orel comes into the tavern and introduces himself, he is assigned to the party as their guide through Hell’s mouth, and in return they will protect Vanor. The party agrees to set out for the cave. The party walks out of the tavern onto the street and warns the guards that they are going to leave the city. The guards signal the gates to be open, but only enough for the party to get through, and then the gates slam closed behind them.

Hell’s Mouth
The facade of the cave appears to be a mouth of a giant demon, stalactites and stalagmites lining the cave, appearing as hundreds of teeth. Vanor pushes ahead of the group, leading them through a seemingly empty room, periodically stopping and making turns and weaving. When the party is about halfway across the room, Nyar asks “Why exactly aren’t we just walking straight to the other side?” Vanor simply laughs, and takes a small stone out of his bag and tosses it off the path. A pillar of fire shoots up from the ground where the rock was, seemingly out of nowhere. When the spectacle is over, the party moves on. The end of the room was a smooth rock wall with a door in the center with no handles, levers or anything. The party stands there confused. Vanor points to a small hole in the ground, puts his staff in the socket, and twists until the door is open, and moves the party through. When the party is through, Vanor removes his staff and moves into the doorway, which the great stone doors slam behind him. Vanor tells the mages of the group of the “Sealed tome” A hidden tome of great power to anyone who holds the book. It is hidden somewhere in this dungeon. The room they are currently in has a long hallway, and an opening at the back, almost in the shape of a mace. Jango and Brelikath move forward first, and stumble upon two Hellhounds. They quickly slay the Hellhounds and move on into the next room. Vanor laughs and congratulates you on killing the “puppies,” compared to the rest of what is rumored to come. “Let’s move on, what say you?” Vanor scoffs. The Party moves into the next room, which is just a bridge from one side to the other, no floor on either side. The Party follows vanor to the middle of the bridge, where another pedestal sits. Vanor operates the mechanism, and two platforms rise up on either side of the bridge, completing the floor. There’s one Troll on each platform. A set of Iron bars fall over the far exit door. A voice booms through the room. “YOU MUST SLAY THE TROLLS TO CONTINUE.” The party splits into two, and kill the trolls swiftly. The gate unlocks, and the party leaves after looting the Trolls’ coinpurses. The party moves into the next room. The room is a completly empty and barren room aside from what looks like a bird cage, with a large warrior inside. He starts calling out to the party “My name is Faz, please help me!” Icarus dashes forward and summons his Narwhal to pick the lock on the cage. The lock is undone by the Narwhal, and then suddenly, the floor of the dungeon drops. The Narwhal saves Fazin and survives the fall. There are the skeletons of former heroes that tried to take this dungeon many ages ago. Faz quickly explains that he was the prisoner of the boss of this dungeon. He can’t remember very much or how he got here. Vanor quickly draws your attention from the new party member, and to the seemingly impending doom around you. "Beware, the souls of the heroes that once rested here are now corrupted. 2 Wraiths attack the party. Nyar tries to convince the Wraiths to lay down their arms, and they refuse, the party defeats the two wraiths, and then they join powers to form the Wraith king.. Vanor steps forward and congratulates the party. LockeJaw takes the essence of the wraith king and can now control the floor of the dungeon. The party hears a booming voice of anger at the party for taking the power of the dungeon. Vanor warns the party of a dark presence in the coming room. The party moves onward, regardless of what will come next. Bones start falling from the ceiling like it was about to collapse. On the far side of the room, the party spots a bony figure on a throne. This particular skeleton holding a sword. a cackle shatters the silence in the room “MYAHHHHH I WILL DESTROY YOU LIKE I DID HE-MAN.” Skeletor is a mighty foe, which requires one part of the team to rush his throne and fight petty monsters on the way, and the other to stay back and do some damage to him. The bones in the room are animated into skeletons by him. Faz ultimately delivers the final blow to Skeletor and reclaims the blade of Greyskull. Skeletor crumbles into a pile of ash. The throne of skulls and the wall behind it crumbles into nothing. There is a tome upon a pedestal in the newly revealed room. “That must be the tome that Vanor speaks of!” yelled Lockejaw, as he claimed his prize. The party goes up to the surface and sets up camp, just outside the mouth of the cave. fresh air, trees, ground. Three things they finally get to see again.


Onward to Tethys
Session 2

Dawn breaks, Lockejaw emerges from his tent and wakes up the whole party to get a move on. The party has decided to move onward towards Tethys, a small farm town on the eastern end of Austrion. The party sets off down the path. Leading the party down the road, Lockejaw halts the party and scans the immediate area. He can hear something but he can’t see it. Suddenly, Nyar sees two hobgoblins harassing a tied up guy with a burlap sack over his head. “HALT, LEAVE THAT MAN ALONE” shouted Nyar. The hobgoblins seemed to oblige as they dropped the man and stepped away from him. They suddenly darted to the woodline and were lost in sight to the whole party. The party prepared to put up a fight. The two hobgoblins broke the treeline and attacked. First, one swung at Brelikath who swiftly blocked, then Nyar who dodged. The man who was tied up starts struggling, and then finally sets himself free, it’s Jango, the fellow party member who had to depart for his hometown. He snuck up behind the fiends and backstabbed both of them. The party was now five strong. Eventually, the town came upon Tethys, just in time for nightfall.

The party decided to take refuge in “The Vulgar Prince Inn” the local Tavern. The next morning had come, and night had passed. five destroyed rooms, five sexually assaulted barmaids, and fifteen tankards of unpaid ale is what waited for the party next morn. They each received a hefty bill from the Bartender. So each and every member of the party convinced the bartender that they would pay him back ‘later.’ All except for, Coroax, that is. Coroax stood there contemplating for a minute with the bill in his hand. Then his eyes lit up, and a smile stretched across his face, as if he’d been struck by a genius idea. He winded up, and whacked the bartender with a stiff punch, knocking him out in one hit. The group leaves the scene quickly and decides to look around for a quest. The group seeks out the Captain of the Guard, and upon inquiring about any quests, he informs them that someone assaulted the owner of “The Vulgar Prince” so he didn’t have to pay his bill. The party members decide to turn Coroax in for 5 gold per adventurer. Brelikath knocked him out and they bring him to the jail.

The party decides LockeJaw and Nyar will distract the guards while Jango and Brelikath break into the prison and rescue Coroax. LockeJaw will start by lighting bales of hay on fire and Nyar will warn the guards, who will have to start trying to put it out.(Tethys is a small town that only has two guards on duty at the moment.)

Jango and Brelikath get in position behind the prison while LockeJaw started the fire. Nyar bursts into the prison and warns the two guards what’s the situation, and they quickly rush to the fire. Jango picked the lock successfully. Brelikath and Jango sneak into the prison and pick the lock on the jail door because the Captain took the keys with him. Mark unlocks the chest that holds Coroax’s gear.

LockeJaw sets two bales of hay on fire, then swiftly escapes town to the rendezvous. the small flame spreads to a decent sized burn, Nyar rushes to the guards in the jail in Tethys and warns them of the fire. The Captain of the Guard wants to warn the whole town with the bell atop the jail. Nyar convinces him otherwise and they press onward towards the fire. Guard Sanders starts filling buckets and throwing them on the fire with no avail, because it is Magical fire, and cannot be put out by water. The Captain of the Guard tries to go back to the bell, but is convinced otherwise. Nyar can no longer convince the Guard to stay, so he is trailing the Captain back to the Jail, and then as he puts his hand out to open the door, Jango, Brelikath, and Coroax are standing there in the doorway. Nyar quickly punches the Captain so hard in the head that his skull cracks and suffers severe brain damage. The party escapes the town, and not much is lost. LockeJaw’s fire burned down a barn, with some chickens inside of it. When Guard Sanders found this out, he realized that it was a viable food source. So he, now with his new title of Colonel, Colonel Sanders ‘invented’ fried chicken.

Woods outside Tethys
The Party meets outside Tethys, and they set up camp for the night, and hope to move toward Tenby as fast as they can to make as much distance between them and Tethys as possible.

The Party is sitting around the fire, and conversation starts. Nyar asks Coroax if the rumors of rape in jail are true.

Coroax is sitting in jail next to a large gentleman all alone in the jail cell, nobody else because the captain was taken to go tend to a fire. The large gentleman, bubba is angry that a certain man took his original title “LockeJaw” and he is out for blood. He tries to grab Coroax, who punches Bubba so hard that he smashes his skull and his brains leak out.
end flashback

While the part is preparing the firewood, protecting the food from bears, and preparing their things for the big move in the morning, Coroax is walking through the woods to go and look for some firewood. He retrieves some firewood, and starts heading back towards the camp, and then below him the earth gives way and he plummets into a pit with a loud screech. The rest of the party jumps up to investigate. The whole party is standing around the hole, contemplating their next action. They hear Coroax yelling profanity at the other party members to come down and help their comrade. Brelikath tries to push Nyar into the hole, but to his own undoing slips and falls into the hole himself. The rest of the party follow.

There are two pathways, one to their immediate left, and right, one continuous cave. Lockejaw summons his Wolf, and sends him down the right end of the tunnel, and when he returns, has a blade in his mouth. A regular old Longsword. The team thinks nothing of it and ventures in the opposite direction. While heading down this pathway, the dog starts whining. LockeJaw shoots a fireball down the way they are heading, and as it travels down the tunnel, there are reflective “surfaces” of some sort on every side of the tunnel aside from the ground. The party continues down the tunnel. The party moves far enough down the tunnel with torches in hand that they don’t even see the hole from the ceiling anymore. Light is reflecting off of the same spots as before. The party sends Coroax and the Wolf to go and check out the reflective surfaces, and the reflective things are moving away as they get closer. Strange Coroax thinks. The Wolf is visibly startled and starts growling. The party starts chasing the reflective things to a dead end to where the entire tunnel around them is reflective. Nyar hears something from the end of the tunnel they came from. A booming voice sounds “AYE, WHAT ARE YE LADDIES DOING AROUND ALL THOSE SPIDERS?!” Which startles the walls and ceiling around them, Nyar, LockeJaw, and Coroax make it to safety, but Brelikath, Jango, and the wolf are all trapped and surrounded by the spiders. They fight the spiders, Jango kills one, and then a metal on metal screeching is heard, a Train car on the ceiling, filled with Dwarves, armed with Dynamite and rifles start firing and dropping explosives on the Spiders. Soon the entire party is covered with spider blood, guts, and gore. The dwarves signal to the party, “over this way!” the party follows the stout dwarf down the tunnel. The way they didn’t decide to go? Giant steel gates garnished with gears and seals and pistons, a crazy contraption like none had ever seen before. The gears grinded, pistons pumped, and the banner over the gate read “KHIGGRIM, DWARVEN CAPITAL.” This was one of the finest cities, seemingly hand carved into the caves, and most technologically advanced societies in, or under Austrion.

The Captain of the Khiggrim rangers greets the party, and asks them why they didn’t follow their dog. LockeJaw kind of mumbles “It was sort of a vague expression…” The Captain bellowed back “AH, WELL LADS, THERE BE A FINE TAVERN OVER THERE.” The party gets fitted for specialized dwarven armor that is custom made for them only. 15 gold a piece.
The party ventures to the weapons shoppe next. The dwarf standing behind the counter grumbles and yells at LockeJaw, “No Negros in my establishment.” LockeJaw waves his hand using his mage persuade trick. “Ah, I’m sorry lad, It must’ve been the lighting. You’re no negro.” The Party retires to the tavern. Coroax wants to drink. Jango and Brelikath bet him that if either of them win in an arm wrestle, he can’t drink. Coroax reluctantly agrees and wins against Jango, but loses to Brelikath. The party wakes up in the morning, surprisingly no damages done to the tavern.


The Adventure Begins
Session 1

The Plight of Orlion session 1

The party of adventurers, lead by Nyar Callum have been hearing of the pleading and promises of riches and nobility in exchange for a task from the Lord of Orlion, Elas Lowdoon. Upon arrival on the beautiful capital city of Orlion, the party goes straight to their objective, the Lord’s Tower in the center of Orlion. They seek assembly with Lord Elas, and the Clerk of the lord shows them to the meeting chamber. After waiting for a short time, Elas Lowdoon shows himself, and introduces himself to the adventurers. He tells them of his plight, his son has been kidnapped by the evil wizard Atrix, and was taken deep into Orc homelands, which would spell doom for any human to set foot there. It is believed that he is in the Dark Tower, the Headquarters of Atrix. The group decides to set off to the market district of Orlion and but some spells, because they were paid some gold in advance from the Lord of Orlion. They first go to the armorer, LockeJaw tries to buy his armor with the 20k republic credits that he has saved up. The merchant man tells him that he will not accept republic credits. LockeJaw tries to convince him with his mage mind trick to take republic credits, but he does not succeed. However, they pay in gold and then get their armor. Then next comes the weaponsmith, and they upgrade there. The group departs the city and sets off for Rockhelm pass to make passage to the Elven territory. Jango, one of the party members receives an urgent message from a courier warning that his hometown is under attack by a dragon. Jango leaves the party. LockeJaw and Nyar are the only two remaining party members, until Jango’s return.

Nyar and LockeJaw arrive at Rockhelm Pass to find it under attack by a group of Bandits, the party sees groups of civilians being cut down by the bandits, and decide to intervene. They quickly kill the bandits and help save Rockhelm Pass. After the battle, they meet Brelikath Cerra, and Coroax the Unforgiving. Coroax actually knew Nyar from their days in the Human-Elf Military, and they are old friends with Geralt Lowdoon , so Brelikath and Coroax join their party. The group decided that they would move towards Tethys in the morning.



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