The Plight of Orlion

Character Assassination

Session 6

After a grueling trek back down the mountain, the town of Tenby sprawls in front of the party, the giant wood gates, reinforced with steel strips stretched up to the banner that read “Welcome to Tenby” The gates creak open and Vanor Orel steps out, “Welcome back gentlemen, I assume you’ve the cure with you?” Nyar silently nods and holds out the potions. The party follows Vanor down the dusty gravel path back to the Doctor’s home where he can examine the potions. “Ah yes this will do!” Vanor exclaims “You’ve got the cure, time to put it to good use.” hours turn into days, which turn into weeks, and then a total of a month later, there isn’t a single trace of the plague left in the Town of Tenby. The town has been organizing a feast in honor of the brave warriors who saved the town.

Feast Hall
The party came upon the feast hall, seemingly packed to the brim with happy patrons, bright lights, a banner that said “Thank you Heroes” was strung above the feast table. There was much food, drink, and women to be had. Jango and LockeJaw had a tankard of mead in each hand and drinking as much as possible. Nyar, Arlen, and Coroax were stuffing their faces with turkey, mutton, and any food they could get their hands on. Brelikath, and Icarus were heading to their respective rooms with three women on each arm. The night would be great, each adventurer thought to himself. The townsmen agreed to celebrate the Heroes each year from this day on. After a long night of partying, boasting, eating, drinking, etc. The Adventurers retired to their Inn rooms.

The Black Lady Inn
Nyar wakes to being shaken by Vanor. “Nyar, Nyar, you need to get up, NOW!” “what’s the problem old man?” replies Nyar, rubbing his eyes still half asleep. “You damned idiot, LOOK!” Vanor says as he gestures to the other side of the room. Jango’s body lay lifeless on the bed, throat slit, with a pillow over his face. “what the fuck happened vanor?!” said Nyar, now fully awake. “I have no Idea, it must’ve happened during the night. There’s only one person who can fix this, a Cleric who lives on the outskirts of the city, you need to get to him as soon as possible” “Aye, I guess we’ve no choice, but to go there.. but AFTER we catch the bastard that did this!” interjected Nyar. “You stay here with Jango, Vanor”

Inn common room
Nyar lets the rest of the party know the fate Jango has met, and they must catch the culprit, and then find the Cleric on the outskirts of town. Icarus examined the body and noticed the slit could’ve only been done by a jagged blade. Vanor adds that the blade must have been a Kyriad blade, only a few very rich and powerful people, such as the ruling parties of Austrion can get those blades. The barkeep gives the party extremely Vague information that he’s seen nobody. The party slips out onto a side street and heads towards the town bazaar to look for answers.

Towne Centre
The group comes to a large indoor Bazaar, all walks of life, from the scummiest smugglers to the richest politicians come here to do business, humans, elves, and dwarves alike. Icarus splits off from the group to go and check out the tome seller, and picks up a pixie tome that boosts LockeJaw’s healing power. Icarus purchases new armor. The party meets back up and decides to split up, so that way they can cover more ground more quickly

LockeJaw and Amon
Amon and LockeJaw step out into the back alley, to the scummier part of Tenby, to talk to some of the underworld information brokers. Amon approaches the nearest and least sketchy looking person, and asks him about information. The guy sticks his tongue out, laughs in Amon’s face and sprints away. Clearly a madman. Amon moves to one end of the alley, and LockeJaw to the other, and they box the remaining 3 in the alley in. One man tries to make a break for it, and LockeJaw puts up a wall of flame. The man falls to his knees and starts pleading for his life, telling the guys that he will tell them anything they need to know. They asked who in town could afford, or was seen having a Kyriad dagger, to which he claims he forgot the names. Amon grabs him by his neck, and shows the man his teeth. “You know I could make you my Thrall and we could be done with this.” shouts Amon. “Aiymon Quynn, theoden Orist, Glomerc Whitmail, those are the only outsiders in town today… nobody else, It has to be one of them.” Amon and LockeJaw move out into the alley and meet up with the rest of the party.

Back Alley
A man of short stature, a dwarf has been trying to signal the party. They turn to listen, and he introduces himself as Theoden Orist, from Khiggrim with the party’s armor they ordered back in Khiggrim. The Dwarf starts walking towards the end of the alley, and a shadowy figure bursts from the darkness, slits the dwarf’s throat and slips off. Icarus examines the body, the same cut as Jango’s body. Icarus realizes that the Assassin mistook Theoden for Vanor. The assassin wasn’t just after Jango. The party rushes back to the INN to find that Vanor is okay. The party sets off for the Guard Captain’s quarters. On the way to the home, Nyar is stopped by a young man, who inquires about his dagger. He wants Nyar to give him his dagger. The party brings up the assassination. He tells the party that Glomerc Whitmail is a noble who’s in town, staying at the Golden Bear INN. Introduces himself as Andresin Folen.

Tenby Guard Barracks
The party approaches the guard tower where the Guard Captain resides. The scribe tries to shoo the party saying the Captain is busy. Nyar points out that they saved tenby and DEMAND audience with the captain. The scribe lets you in. The guard Captain greets the party in a slurred voice, with his eyes half closed. The party asks of Glomerc Whitmail. Rich man, could’ve easily tipped off a bartender. Aiymon is very poor and does illusory tricks for passersby. The party decides to split up.

LockeJaw and Amon go to the bartender of The Black Lady. “The jig is up, pal!” yells Lockejaw, as he clears out the bar and closes the doors. The bartender says “I’ve no idea what you’re talking about!” “DON’T TAKE ME AS A CONJURER OF CHEAP TRICKS!” LockeJaw shouts as he grabs the bartender by the collar. “We know you took a bribe, and you’re going to tell us who paid you off or we will hurt you!” the bartender replies quickly "okay okay, fine, he told me that he was going to assassinate another person in the inn, not any of the heroes, which is why I let him through. He was blind in one eye, please just take these supplies and please leave me alone!

Brelikath and Arlen enter the Bazaar, looking for friends of Aiymon so they could learn his location. The two slipped out into the alley where Aiymon is rumored to hide. Brelikath grabbed the same information broker from before, and threatened to gouge his eyeballs out if he didn’t tell him where Aiymon was immediately. “Western edge of town by the sewers, putting on an illusion show, as usual” the man struggles to get out. Brelikath and Arlen arrive in the slum district by the sewers and see a man juggling fireballs, balancing something on his nose, doing all sorts of tricks. Brelikath starts interrogating the man. He says “pay me good coin and answers I may give.” The man has two normal blue eyes, and is otherwise okay.

Nyar, Icarus, and Coroax are waiting until nightfall in The Golden Bear, when the party will be at its peak. The Golden Bear has red carpeting, giant glass and torch Chandeliers, Ice sculptures, fountains and beautiful scenery. The trio approaches the bartender and asks about Glowmerc. The bartender asks if the party paid the cover charge, which they said no. The bartender throws them out and says they can’t come back in unless they pay or get a gold card. The party is looking around outside for someone with a gold card. Suddenly, Icarus spots a guy looking down at the ground, kind of kicking the dirt. Icarus asks what’s the matter, and the man introduces himself as Abel, a local rich politician’s son. He just got stood up by his date. He had a gold card and everything. The Trio ask if he wants to get them in to the bar, and they will help him have a good time. he agrees and lets them know he is skilled in both persuasion and lockpicking. Quickly, Icarus glances at Abel’s face. both eyes are fine, this couldn’t have been the guy LockeJaw told them about he concluded. Abel invites the party to join him in his room to pregame the party. The party agrees and starts drinking a lot. Coroax stumbles out into the hallway and to Glowmerc’s room door, and stars pounding on it furiously. An extremely intoxicated man comes to the door and says “HEY BRO, COME ON IN!!!” and invites the whole group in. In this single room ,there are a lot of women, and plenty of alcohol. The whole party drinks so much with Glowmerc they are ready to hit the ground. Icarus grabs Glowmerc’s face, no scar, two eyes. Everything. Icarus finds the dagger on Glowmerc. Icarus asks if the dagger is Glowmercs, and he says yes, he bought it off of some weird guy earlier today. He gives the party the dagger. Glowmerc takes 3 women to bed with him and passes out.

“Who is askin my name, who wants to know?”
“I’m Arlen Camus, just a normal guy trying to get some information”
“Aiymon is my name, anything else and I’m charging”
“we’re paying you nothing more”
“than we’re done here”
Brelikath punches Aiymon in the face, making all of his illusions disappear, and revealing one blind eye.The two take Aiymon back to The Black Lady.

The Black Lady
“We found this guy by the west bank, he wouldn’t give us information so we took him here.” said Brelikath. “Aye, that’s the one,” confirmed the bartender. the party takes Aiymon into Jango and Nyar’s room

“Why did you kill him?” asks Brelikath
“I was paid to!” said Aiymon
Brelikath sticks his blade into Aiymond’s calf, and he cries out in pain.
“Who paid you?” said Nyar
“a rich man!” said Aiymon
Nyar cut just below Aiymon’s knee, and he shrieks in pain
“It was Andresin Folen, Folen I swear” he admits, he paid Aiymon to kill Nyar, but he mistook Jango for Nyar, because he wouldn’t give Andresin his blade last night during the festivities.
Nyar sticks his blade into Aiymon’s good eye, and blinds him, then drops him off back at the sewers where his home was. The party prepares to head off into the woods to find the cleric, and Vanor stays in Tenby to preserve Jango’s body.

Session end


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