The Plight of Orlion

Super Scary Halloween Adventure Pt.1

Session 4

Nyar wakes up to Vanor hurriedly packing and ready to go. He informs Nyar that he has to go to Tenby as soon as possible and the party will see him there. Hours later, the party ventures into Tenby. The town is in a severe state of disrepair. Ghoulish people are shambling around the streets like zombies, clearly suffering from some horrid disease. The party sees a series of signs with arrows “Mayors Office, Doctor, Mt. fortitude.” The party decides to go to the doctor’s home. Vanor is tending to some of the ill citizens, which is why he had to leave so hurriedly. He needs the cure which is being worked on. Vanor sends the party to the Mayor’s office to find the location of the cure. The party pushes through the front door of the doctor’s office and down the street to the Mayor’s office. The Mayor greets the party, he surprisingly knows them all by name, “Vanor spoke much of your brave cause gentlemen,” “Hopefully you will share some more kindness with the town of Tenby.” said the Mayor. He told the party of Jack’s mansion perched high on Mt.Fortitude, and how Jack, the scientist was working on the cure for the plague that has infected so many. He needed the party to go up there as soon as possible. "This will be no easy task, many a obstacle will await you on the way to the manor. The party sets off past the city gates to the foot of Mt.Fortitude.

The party begins ascending the long and winding path that leads to the top of the mountain. Jango scoffs and says that this is way to easy! As soon as he says that, they come upon a giant hole in the path. The stones had given way and there was now nothing where there was once stairs. “Good going Jango” was the general consensus from the party. The party had to track back to an earlier part of the pathway that had a system of caves that lead up to the top of the mountain, or hopefully did. As the party moves deeper in the cave, the more dark and hopeless it feels. When the lack of light is completely overbearing, Lockejaw lights a torch. The cave system then suddenly splits off into 2 additional directions, Left right, or forward. Two party members head forward and try to roll a perception check to sense what’s further down the tunnels. They sense negative and neutral presences from different tunnels, seemingly random. Brelikath hears someone crying out for help coming from the forward tunnel. the party continues forward, the closer they get, the more distorted the voice sounds. The voice stops as soon as they get to another clearing, this time there are 5 different tunnels going in all relatively different directions. Icarus scans the caves for any threats, and determines only one is safe, and they proceed through the tunnel. There is a structure in the mountain, almost like an underground tower going up. There is a spiral staircase going all the way up to the top of the tower with periodic doors at some levels. there is an obelisk in the middle of the room. Nyar throws a rock at it, nothing happens. Amon starts up the stairs to check for any threats. When he reaches the first doorway, an orc pops out and whacks him with a club, knocking him all the way down the stairs. Jango shoots the Orc with an arrow, which then it falls down and onto the obelisk. The ground starts shaking, the whole tower is coming down, and there is nowhere for the heroes to go. After the rubble settles, they see they are at the top of the mountain, there’s a very sparse forest, consisting of few trees shrubs and rocks. Nyar climbs a nearby tree to get a better look ahead. Further up the path Nyar sees a giant cornfield with a lone shed in the middle, and far beyond that, he sees the mansion, towering over anything nearby. The Party spreads out into a row and starts carefully trekking into the cornfield towards the shed.

After a few minutes of moving, the team comes upon the shed, there is a small clearing around it. The team hears shuffling getting closer and closer to the shed, and they can’t tell what it is. half of the team heads inside the shed to check it out, there’s nothing. Nyar picks up a garden hoe and contemplates making a pun. Nyar makes a dumb joke and everyone laughs, he’s praised as the party leader. As the laughing dies down, Icarus is flung through the window from the outside. “OH FUCK” is heard from Brelikath outside. The group inside rushes outside to see what happens, and there are 3 animated scarecrows who attack the party. The scarecrows put up a good fight, but the team ultimately defeats them. The party goes inside the shed to check on Icarus, and he is fine. Lockejaw points out they haven’t checked a particular tool closet in the shed. He opens up the shed, and a large man steps out with a machete donning an hockey mask. LockeJaw tries to burn the shed down as they run out. The shed collapses on the masked figure. All is calm until the rubble starts moving, and the masked man climbs out of the rubble and prepares to fight.The party tries to stop the threat by constantly making jokes at him, which is largely unsuccessful, and only buffs his health, until LockeJaw convinces him to help them on their quest. He shows the party through the cornfield, and into the mansion. He opens the front door and steps in, and is obliterated by a lightning bolt, and then the door slams behind him, leaving the party outside.

Jack’s Mansion
Nyar knocks on the door. Five to Ten minutes later, a butler answers the door. “Hello Gentlemen, I believe Master Jack is waiting for you few up in his lab. His lab is on the 4th floor, an elevator is just over there that will take you up to the lab.” An elevator car dings into place. He shows the party to the elevator and returns to his post. The elevator starts slowly creeping up, and then starts rising at a normal pace. clack clack clack DING. The elevator stops at floor 3, and the doors slide open “Floor 13” is what the sign says, a one was carved into the sign, disturbingly enough. The elevator doors close and head up to the 4th floor. The doors open at the fourth floor and the odor of chemicals and machinery flows into the elevator. The party steps out into the first room. They pass rooms with Torture chambers, repurposed to observation chambers, rooms full of papers, beakers and tables with experiments half finished, or in larval stages. They finally reach a door at the end of the hall with “Jack’s study” embossed onto a gold plate attached to the door. Nyar knocks on the door. “Oh hold on just a second” is heard from the other side of the door. A short man, no larger than 5’0" opens up the door, and extends his hand to shake Nyar’s hand. Nyar shakes his hand and jolts backward in surprise, Jack is half dragon, and his skin is extremely scaly and his hands are very similar to dragon claws. He introduces himself as Mr.Jack O’Lantern, the owner of this great mansion. After a short conversation Jack lets the heroes know that, guts of a pumpkin, wolfsbane, and nightshade extract are the mixture to cure the illness. jack quickly tries to push the party out so he can continue with his experiments. Nyar shouts “WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE?” at Jack. Jack gives Nyar a puzzled look, not really getting what he is trying to say. He clearly has had no contact with real people in a very long time. Nyar asks if there is another way down. Jack says “oh yes right over here,” and points to a bare wall. Nyar waits at the wall. Jack pulls a chain, and the wall flips around and on the other side of the wall, there is a face with its tongue sticking out at Nyar. Jack bursts out laughing, and between deep breaths he barely gets out “I’ve been waiting sooo long to do that, but alas, there is no other way, I’m sorry my friends.” Brelikath challenges Jack to an arm wrestling contest, and loses terribly.Nyar asks if there is any other way down, or something. “I can’t exactly remember,” Jack says while continually pinning Brelikath’s arm to the table. " Ah, this is the best fun I’ve had in a while!" Jack insists he will help the party. He leads them to the elevator, which is now broken, and pushes a bookcase out of the way, revealing another elevator. “She’s much older than the other one, but it should do the trick.” So the team agrees to go into the elevator. They pull the lever to go to the third floor. click click click floor 2 click click click floor 12 click click click floor 666 click click DING, back at floor 3, or floor 13. The party has no other option but to get out here. Icarus looks further into the room, and senses nothing but two doors, so the party moves ahead. Two parrots sit on a perch, right next to each other, with a single door adjacent to each of them. The room is filled with angelic light. There is a pedestal just in front of the group. “You must solve the riddle to pass safely.” You only get to ask the parrots one question to determine which door is the safe one. Nyar asks a dumb question and chooses the left door. The group comes upon a small bedroom in a corridor, which opened up just past the door. They set up there for the night and prepare to move in the morning.



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