The Plight of Orlion

Super Scary Halloween Adventure Pt.2

Session 5

Floor 3
The party emerges from the spare mansion bedroom and starts moving towards the room at the end of the hall. They come upon the door, which bears a golden seal with a beetle of some kind on it. there are no visible handles, and it seems to be made of a tan material. Jango puts his hand on the door to look for a handle or button. As soon as his hand touches the door, the seal starts to spin and the door pulls open. The Party walks into the room. Icarus tries to see what is in the coffin, and doesn’t sense anything inside. Nyar opens up the coffin. A mummy, long dead with a golden headdress lays inside. Nyar tries to carefully take the headdress off, and as soon as it is removed from the coffin, it rusts and turns a brownish color in Nyar’s hands. Nyar tries to put it back in on the mummy, and he completely overdoes it, and crushes the mummy’s head with the headdress. Nyar closes the coffin and tries to walk away like nothing happens. Jango walks to the far door and tries to open it by kicking it in. iron bars fall on the opposite side of the door, and the coffins lining the walls start opening up. Brelikath murmurs “oh great, real mummies.” A group of vampires jump out of the coffins and start taunting the party. Nyar convinces the vampires that he is a paladin and they better back off. He successfully intimidates them, and they swear they will have their revenge and leave. The party proceeds into the next room when the iron bars lift.

Floor 2
They come to a hallway with a wooden door at the end and hear someone screaming in a room off to the right. they rush into the room and see a man laying there with an arrow in his leg, just below his knee. The man seemingly has no bad intentions. Icarus moves into the room to help the guy out. The man stumbles back, and pulls out a mystical knife with anti-mage properties. Icarus turns to Nyar and lets him take over. Nyar talks the man down and takes his Dagger. The man keeps insisting that bad things happen when he gets angry. Jango moves forward and gives the man a potion, after pulling the arrow out of his leg. The man remembers almost nothing about this floor or what is going on. He just knows he needs help finding a certain mystical ring. Jango examines the arrowhead that was in the man’s leg. It’s an anti-mystical creature arrowhead that would only hurt a magical creature, it has a blunted head and it is the magic that propels it through its intended target. The man introduces himself as Arlen Camus. Arlen makes his way to the locked door on the other side of the hallway and unlocks it for the heroes. Nyar gives Arlen his old dagger. They walk into the next room, and there is nothing but a curtained window. LockeJaw opens the curtain, and light pours into the room, a full moon. Arlen jumps out of the way of the window and presses himself against the wall. “Lycanthropy for beginners” is the title of the book that Arlen is clutching close to himself. He explains to the party that he needs a certain ring to be able to control his Lycanthropy and return his memories. He shows Nyar the Moonstone, a milky white almost clear orb that has a slot for a ring in the bottom, with the ring, he will be able to turn any time he wants. The team closes the curtain and moves into the next room. There is a pedestal with a ring on it in the center of the room. Ryan places the ring in the moonstone, and it rises up into the air, and emits a red light flooding the whole room, and Arlen collapses to the floor, screaming in pain to “make it stop.” Hair is visibly growing at a quick rate on Arlen’s body. Brelikath picks Arlen up and smashes through the nearest door and sets him down next to it. Arlen lets them know if he gets too hungry he has to eat something, be it meat, an enemy, or a party member. Thankfully he has some raw meat in his bag, and eats some of that for now. The moonstone falls back down to the floor, and is now complete, Arlen once again has control. He remembers everything, he was Jack’s assistant, he was tasked with finding the Lycanthropy ring, and contracted the disease while trying to find it. The team moves into a room with a bunch of Vampire bats hanging from the ceiling, and a curtain covering a window on the far side. The Party sits there contemplating what to do. Arlen reacts and rips the curtain off the window, turning him into a Werewolf quickly, and he pounces on one of the vampire bats and starts ripping it to pieces. the party engages the other bats and quickly dispatch of them. Arlen reverts back to human state, and slinks into the corner as the party covers the window back up. They move into the next door, which is a staircase down to the next level.

Mansion floor 1
Arlen sprints ahead of the party into the next room. The party tries to keep up, but they cannot. They come into a room full of skeleton bones, yet to be reanimated, and will stay that way if they’re careful. They sneak past successfully and move into the main lobby. They follow Arlen’s voice, he’s screaming from the other room. Ryan gets closer and tries to talk to Arlen “GET AWAY FROM ME, MAGES, THE LOT OF YOU” he shouts angrily, almost a stranger to who he was before. Ryan tries to grab Arlen, and he phases through him, an illusion. Nyar hears a deep laughing as the room slowly fills with thick black smoke, and they hear the neighing of a horse and the smell of fire. The party tries to see through the smoke and can’t without constantly trying to, A headless horseman on a steed of nightmare black stood with a large scythe in his hand on the opposite end of the lobby.

Boss fight
The Headless horseman charges and swings his scythe at both Jango and Nyar, only Nyar dodges. Jango wasn’t so lucky because he couldn’t see through the smoke. Icarus quickly swings his weapon at the beast, which he successfully hits once, and missed the beast because he failed to see. Suddenly, Jango sees at the last moment, but it is too late. The Headless Horseman is charging at him too quickly, he raises his blade to retaliate, the blade is stricken from his hand, and he is kicked unconscious by the Horseman’s steed. Jango flies across the battlefield, and the only thing that is perceived by the rest of the party is the sound of Jango’s armor scratching against the stone floor. “Dammit, Jango’s Down!,” shouted Icarus as he summoned his Narwhal. Out of pure rage, Icarus charges into the smoke swinging wildly, and completely misses the horseman. Nyar takes aim into the thick smoke, able to detect the beast by the mere sound and fires off two shots in the direction of the horseman and hits both shots. The Narwhal Blows away the cloud of smoke around himself with enough time to see the beast, and he charges dealing massive damage, piercing the heart of the beast and knocking the rider off. The Rider becomes enraged and tries to swing and hit Nyar. Nyar raises his blade to block the Rider’s swing, and he holds the attack back, but his knees buckle below him. He’s becoming fatigued. Icarus tries to inspire Nyar to fight harder, but he can’t communicate through how thick the smoke is. Icarus musters all the strength a mage could, raises his shovel over his head, and swings at the horseman, slicing the shoulder of the horseman, who backs up in pain. Nyar Swings his dagger and stabs it into the horseman’s shoulder, and doubles back. He draws his rifle and attempts to fire, but the Horseman gets out of the way. The Narwhal charges the cloud of smoke with electrical current, and dives at the Horseman, piercing his chestplate and dealing massive damage. The Horseman swings his scythe at Nyar, who raises his rifle to block, and has it torn out of his hands, and gets a nasty cut across his chest. Both the Horseman and Nyar are extremely fatigued, ready to give. Icarus swings his shovel with all his might at the horseman, shattering his scythe and knocking it from his hands, leaving him vulnerable. The smoke starts clearing to the point where there is only a small gray haze.
Nyar forces himself to his feet, draws his blade, and sprints to the horseman, jumps up and pushes his blade deep into the Horseman’s chest, piercing his heart. The beast rears back almost like a horse, and lets out a bloodcurdling, deep, evil shout and Collapses and dies in a puff of ash. Nyar retrieves his dagger and collapses to his knees.
End Boss Battle

Arlen and LockeJaw suddenly burst through one of the side doors to see the party in dismay, Icarus checking Jango’s lifesigns, and Nyar on the brink of collapsing from blood loss. Arlen and LockeJaw start carrying the two wounded up to Jack’s lab when he suddenly appears from yet another elevator close by. Jack exclaims “Oh that was a good show my boys!” Nyar interjects “If I lose anymore blood, you’re going to be talking to a stiff in about a second.” Which reminds Jack to go through his pouch. He draws out a peculiar potion, the likes of which Nyar certainly has never seen. He pours it on the wound and it almost instantly heals up. “Ah, this is why I always preferred Science to magic, much easier to understand and apply! ahaha!” Jack joked to himself. Nyar stood up straight, still feeling very fatigued. Jack turned his attention to Jango. Jango lay there motionless, as if he were dead. LockeJaw is about to use a spell to heal Jango, and Jack pushes him out of the way. He produces a small pouch from his satchel, and puts it under Jango’s nose, which makes him wake up immediately. “See? No need for magic! hahaha.” The party decides to rest on the main floor of the mansion and then head down into the town when they muster the strength in the morning.



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